Types of Baby Cribs: * Standard: There are two types of standard cribs. Features to look for when buying: * Safety: 1) Distances between crib slats are no more that 2 3/8 inches. * Round: Round cribs are becoming a popular option for new parents. * Convertible: Convertible cribs convert from a standard crib to a toddler bed and then to a day or full sized bed. * Bumper guards that line all four sides of the crib. But then, when you find one, are you really sure if this cheap baby crib will satisfy your baby's needs? Before going full throttle in buying that crib, there are things you should consider to have a piece of mind.
Teething rails made of plastic can be attached to the rails, which prevent your child from chewing on the wood. 5) Secure dropside locking mechanism. Hot Stamping Adhesive 4) Crib mattress fits snugly with no more than two fingers width between crib side and mattress. * Teething rail that covers the tops of the railings, which prevents your toddler from chewing on wood. Be sure that you are satisfied with the safety features, style, finish and quality. This type of crib can give your nursery room a more elegant and classic look. With your baby sleeping in a crib until its time to move on to a full sized bed around the age of 2 or 3, you should take your time in choosing a crib. 1) Cribs with a single drop side (One side drops).